Company Profile

We are a manufacturer of surgical disposable products for the area of infection control in Operation Theater to industrial protective clothes which provide protecting health care to the end users. We are developing and deliver high quality products to meet your requirements and satisfaction, also readily to provide the responsive customer service.

Medipro (Malaysia) Sdn.Bhd. was founded in year 1988 and situated in North Port Klang, Malaysia. It is owned by Japan Medical Products which is located in Hokkaido, Japan. Medipro have been producing for the Medical Industry for more than 2 decades and is recognized globally as an industry leader in producing surgical disposable products.

We produce and supplies high quality surgical disposable products in accordance to International Quality Standard through our trustable brand names hopes® and hopes international®. Many health care professionals, patients and individuals had benefitted from our wide range of products.

Based on high quality of non-woven fabric, with continuous improvement (kaizen) activities in all respective area of production, we are able to produce and deliver the products and response to your need within reasonable lead-time, affordable price yet with the atmost quality.

We seek to continue our efforts with a quick service and gaining you access to innovative products and professional advice tailored for your specific requirements. We promise to always provide you with the best product ever.. GUARANTEE..