Factory Overview


Medipro is specialize in producing Non-Woven surgical drape, surgical gown, masks, caps, clean-room coveralls and others related products. We have always offered customers the products that they can trust in many fields.

At Medipro, we really care about our customer satisfaction and trust. It is become our mission to deliver our products with full responsibility in term of quality guarantee. To ensure this, we in Medipro are strictly implementing Good Manufacturing Practice in our compound. Continuous training and monitoring are consistently conducted by all level of management members. All efforts are reflects to the quality guaranteed products.


All the products can be supplied either in completed EtO/ Gamma sterile or non sterile condition depending to customer requirement. We have carrying the validation and on-going sterilization according to the ISO scope. Therefore, we are able to release sterile products with complete document and traceability.


With full encouragement from Top Management, we are consistently conducted following activities with purpose to enhance our entire organization moving positively.

  • Quality Control Circle
  • Comprehensive Training Programme
  • 5S activities and audit
  • Risk Management/ PDCA activity
  • Consistent Safety and Health Committee activity

We are strictly in control the production area’s hygiene to ensure our products are not exceeded the bioburden limit. Workers/ staff and visitors are required to follow some rule before entering the production area.

Steps before entering Production Area :

  1. Washing foot by walked through Water Pool
  2. Wearing smock, cap and mask
  3. Washing hand in correct way
  4. Entering air shower
  5. Apply antiseptic gel